Wednesday, April 21, 2010

birthday traditions

I started a birthday tradition I don't know how many years ago of asking the birthday person some questions.  It's a fun way of celebrating the person and recognizing who they are!  Depending on the age you were turning, you had to come up with so many answers to each question.  Some of the questions being:

1.  What are # fond memories of your life?
2.  What are # things you're looking forward to in the future?
3.  What are # characteristics about yourself that you love?

We've been doing this as a youth staff for a long time, and I do it with my friends and the kids I work with too.  Today (being my birthday), I sat down with the CCC Youth Staff prepared to answer the typical questions.  However, we decided to change things up a little bit and I got to answer 6 questions with 5 answers each.  They were:

1.  What are 5 things/pieces of advice you would pass on to your children about your first year of marriage?
2.  What are 5 ways you want to be a better wife to Adam this year?
3.  What are 5 ways you would spend your time differently this year?
4.  What are 5 fun things you're looking forward to this year?
5.  What are 5 things you're asking God to do? (You have not cuz you ask not)
6.  What are 5 ways you hide?

Wow...  all of them were deep questions but that last one was agony.  What better way to really be vulnerable and search yourself then to ask how you hide your true self at times from those around you.  I could only come up with 2 answers at the time, but I made a commitment to myself to really spend some time coming up with the last 3.

I'd love to hear some of your personal answers to those 6 questions... :)